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BB Glow Online Training  

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Online training Introduction 

BB Glow treatment

At www.bbglow.com we will lead you through the whole process of BB Glow treatment. We are trying to achieve the best results from each of our courses and this magazine will guide you all the way through to the succesful completion of your course. Our professional trainers will guide you each step of the way to becoming one of our artists. 


BB Glow Trainer

Grand Master Beata Muskova 

Program Of BB Glow Technique 

BB Glow training

Theory & Practice Introduction of your BB Glow technique INtrodction of your BB Glow tools Products that you will use Fucntion of components Presentation of products How to keep safety Structure and composition of the skin Skin disorders and contarindications Preparation before treatment Consultation with your client Procedures and use of BB Glow technique tools How to treat different skin types Healing process Aftercare treatments Answers to questions Marketing and promotions of BB glow technique. 

Practice training online 

Online Course BB Glow

The trainer will demonstrate work on a live model You will learn how to use your own tools Your first work on a live model You will provide your client with a consultation and aftercare advice 

On completion of this training course you will be able to work on your own clients unsupervised. 


Online training bb glow

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