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DM. Cell BNP 3-Step Aqua Mask


DM. Cell Aqua Mask


The soothing step during BB Glow.


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  1. DM. Cell Cosmetics

DM. Cell Cosmetics is a Korean founded in 2010. The company specialising in development of beauty products based on organic and natural ingredients that are stem cell based. Through a continuous research and development along with advanced science technology, they aim to protect the beauty of human skin in a polluted environment.  In 2019, DM. Cell was officially awarded with No. 1 Korean Quality Satisfaction in Natural Cosmetics Brand certificate. 

The brand philosophy is based on 4 principles:


  1. Best quality

  2. Professional cosmetics

  3. Eco Philosophy

  4. Patent of the original technology  


  1. DM. Cell BNP 3-Step Aqua Mask

In short, the 3 steps include detoxification, moisture soothing and regeneration.

High-density natural cellulose sheet mask to instantly soothes, nourishes, and hydrates skin while detoxifying. Anti-aging Miracle cream nourishes and moisturises skin cells. Highly recommended as a hydration step during BB Glow treatment.  

BNP stands for Bio Nano Protein which detoxifies radicals directly into the skin. The ingredients were developed for the first time in the world that has sterilising power against pathogens. The mask is designed as special nutrition ingredient that has a strong effect on skin strengthening based on the results of bio-nano compound protein research. Eco-friendly ingredients are effective for skin regeneration and wrinkle improvement. 

Apart from BB Glow treatment, it is easy to use as a regular aesthetic home treatment. It is very convenient to carry it with you while traveling. 


DM.Cell BNP Aqua Mask mit Nano-Proteinen günstig kaufen | DERMIDA


  1. Main Ingredients 

    1. Bio Nano Protein 

Is known for its effectiveness for skin regeneration and hydration as it contains the panted ingredient BNP, which is effectively straighten the skin barrier.


      1. Ginseng Stem Cell 

Contains highly concentrated Ginseng stem cell which is helping the skin to regenerate and its nutrition. 


    1. Betaine

Promotes skin regeneration and prevents skin damage


    1. Pathenol and Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturising the skin, adds nutrients and prevents development of wrinkles


    1. Galactomyces

Removes wates, improves skin tones and its elasticity 


    1. Centella Extract

Control of sebum and prevention of inflammation 



  1. Free from

The mask is free from: 


It has passed the skin irritation test as well as the test for natural substance with bactericidal power against pathogens. The product has not been tested on animals. 

  1. Advantages

The mask has several advantages. Such as: 


  1. The 3 Steps

    1. Step 1.

High-density celluloce sheet coated with nano protein

    1. Step 2.

A sheet suitable for all skin types that makes the skin smooth without irritation

    1. Step 3. 

Natural Botanical Mask Sheet with Cellulose


  1. Step by Step 

    1. Step 1. Aqua Cellulose Exfoliation Gel

  1. Apply product on a dry skin by rolling it all up around the skin. 

  2. Wash the dead skin cells off with a warm water


    1. Step 2. BNP Protein Aqua Mask

  1. Apply the mask evenly to the skin

  2. Let develop for 15 to 20 minutes, remove the mask and use your hands for absorption of remaining essence

    2. Step 3. Miracle Regeneration Cream

  1. Gently massage the cream into the skin to absorb it


Jual DM Cell - Jakarta Barat - F2C | Tokopedia


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