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Stayve, DM Cell Cosmetic, Physiolab Cosmeceutical: The BB Glow Product Brands

You probably already know that BB Glow is the latest cosmetic trend originating from South Korea. BB Glow aims to increase the youthful and healthier experience of the skin, reduces skin disorders such as wrinkles, freckles or fine lines, adds vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-aging ingredients into your skin, creates delicate foundation effect and evens out blemishes, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation.


To accomplish the best outcomes possible, it is necessary to only use high-quality products for the treatment. In today’s article, we are introducing three world-wide top-selling brands and their products; Stayve, DM CELL Cosmetic, and Physiolab Cosmeceutical.



Safety of Products 


Recently, there have been concerns expressed regarding the safety of BB Glow products among professionals. As briefly touched in the previous article BB GLow: All you need to know about the latest Korean trend, all three brand products – Stayve, DM CELL Cosmetic and Physiolab Cosmetical, are certified world-wide selling premium products and consists of natural ingredients. Furthermore, the BB Glow serums are free from: 



If you would like to know more information about the safety of BB Glow procedure we recommend our other article; To BB Glow or Not to BB Glow.


Stayve is a well-established Korean company specialising in the production of advanced and effective skincare products of the highest quality. The company aims to deliver products with long lasting effects making the skin look cleaner, wealthier, younger, and more vibrant.  All products are KFDA approved and certified as safe to use for a variety of treatments including BB Glow, Micro & Nano-needling, electroporation, oxygen therapy, Derma rollers, or ultrasounds. The company philosophy is to provide a quality, service, and up to date innovation. 

Product Range 

BB Glow STAYVE Dermawhite Exfoliating Gel 

Containing a synergetic combination of shikimic and mandelic acid, the gel has a powerful cleaning effect on the top layer of the skin. It refreshes the skin, removes dead cells from pores, stimulates regeneration of deeper skin layers and enhances skins ability to absorb the BB Glow serums. 

BB Glow STAYVE Dermawhite Neutralizing Foam

The foam contains substances that neutralise the acid from the Dermawhite Exfoliating Gel. It restores the proper pH of the skin, reduces redness and prepares the skin for the next stages of the treatment. 


BB Glow Booster Ampoules 

BB Glow Booster Ampoules contain vitamins A, B, E and D. There are five types of ampoules to addresses a different skin issue. 


BB Glow Derma White Pigment Ampoules

Pigment ampoules contain added foundation, combined with niacinamide and peptide for effective whitening and brightening of the skin. Furthermore, they hydrate the skin and leaves it soft and plump. There are five main shades which can be blended together as needed.  


BB Glow STAYVE Repair Cream

Because the skin may get dry and irritated after the procedure the BB Glow Repair Cream moisturises and nourishes the skin. It is designed to heal, regenerate and revitalise irritated post-treatment skin.

BB Glow Starter Booster Kit

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BB Glow Starter Pigments Kit

BB Glow Starter Kits contain a combination of both Booster Ampoules and Derma White Pigment Ampoules. The starter kits are convenient when using more Ampoules for a one client as well as they are cost effective. 

BB Glow Stayve training Kit

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The BB Glow Stayve Starter Kit includes all essential product for the procedure.  



DM. Cell Cosmetic 


Likewise Stayve, DM Cell Cosmetic is a Korean company specialising in developing and production of beauty products containing organic and natural ingredients that are stem cell base. Through a continuous research and development along with advanced science technology, they aim to protect the beauty of human skin in a polluted environment. 


The brand philosophy is based on 4 principles:


  1. Best quality

  2. Professional cosmetics

  3. Eco Philosophy

  4. Patent of the original technology  


The company was founded in 2010 and up to date they produce and sell 45 beauty products. Furthermore, they have opened the first cell therapy shop in Korea. 

Product Range 

DM Cell Pigment Serums

Different shades of serums are produced by DM Cell to match any skin colour. 

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From left to right: 

DM Cell Starter Kit

Derma Brightening Complex starter kit contains three Pigment Serums different colours. 

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DM Cell Booster Serum

DM Cell Booster Serums have the ability to restore damage skin and its skin cells, moisturise and hydrate dry skin and helps to tackle pigmentation. It also improves skin tones and elasticity. Strongly recommended to use for a BB Glow treatment. 

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DM Cell BNP 3-step Aqua Mask

DM Cell BNP 3 step Aqua Mask is great addition into BB Glow treatment. It can be used to smoothen and hydrate skin of clients during the procedure. The mask sheet is made of high-density natural cellulose material containing Bio Nano Protein with antioxidants. 

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Physiolab Cosmceutical 

Physiolab Cosmeceutical is likewise a Korean brand with a specialisation in the development of natural cosmetics. The mission of the company is to use science to get the best of nature. The company provides technically advanced skincare products of the highest quality that bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Products are made of medical-based ingredients, therefore, they offer benefits that cannot be found in regular cosmetic products. Physiolab Cosmecial company holds CPNP and ISO certification, as well as its products, have been approved by the European Union to be sold on the European market. 


Product Range


Physiolab Cosmeceutical Foundation

As well as DM Cell Cosmetic, Physiolab Cosmeceutical offers four different shades of BB Glow foundations. 


From right to left:


Physiolab Comeceutical Meso Ampoules


3D Booster Lifting – lifting serum with botulin-like effect to improve elasticity and firmness of the skin. Reduces appearance of wrinkles and provides powerful lifting.


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