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Mediselor Beauty Monster Black Plasma Pen

Beauty Monster Black Plasma Pen 


The most effective and safest plasma pen in the world offering non-invasive and highly effective alternative to cosmetic surgery.


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What is a Cosmetic Pen?

In general, Cosmetic Pens are small devices that are used for cosmetic procedures either to treat skin issues or for aesthetic treatments. There are several Cosmetic Pens available on the market to satisfy the different demands for their use. Depending on the procedure, they can be used for:



They are popular for their effectiveness, efficiency, easy handling, use, and safety. As the cosmetic and aesthetic industry keeps evolving, the way of their use keeps continuously increasing.

Traditional Derma Pen vs Black Monster Pen

Derma Pens are based on a traditional Chinese acupuncture procedure when very small and thin needles are inserted through your skin to treat a certain pain problem, the only difference is that rather than reducing pain issues Derma Pens improve an appearance of the skin. 


The Derma Pen is fitted with a cartridge containing needles that are used to puncture only the top layer of the skin in a designed area of treatment. The punctures open up the top layer of the skin – the dermis, micro injuries caused by the needles encourage the ability of the skin to repair itself. As the skin heals, it produces collagen and elastin to support the process. Depending on the treatment, needles are used to apply pigment into the skin for example in BB Glow or permanent makeup procedures. 


However, Plasma Pens utilize plasma flashes – an air between its metal tip and the skin. The flashes stimulate the fibroblast in the skin and breaks down old collagen. The skin shrinks into brown spots on the skin which reduce excess skin cells and smooth out and tighten fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment also rejuvenates the skin and improves its quality, tone, or texture. Although it is a non-surgical treatment the results are similar! 


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Different Range of Cosmetic Pens

Beauty Monster Plasma Pen a non-surgical blepharoplasty device used for non-surgical treatments such as skin rejuvenation. Training Fibroblast from MuaAcademy

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Dr. Pen Hydra Pen H2 micro needling automatic infusion Hydra Pen. New concept of a traditional Derma Pen used for Micro needling procedures that injects serums automatically into the skin during the treatment. More information in our blog post here. 


Dr.Pen Hydra Pen H2 Professional Microneedling Pen


Derma Pen 3 in 1  suitable for BB Glow treatment, micro-needling and permanent make up procedures. 

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Dr. Pen A6s  a great tool used for Collagen Industion Therapy or Fibroblast. 

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Hyaluron Pen Blue and Hyaluron Pen Gold  needles free pens for injection of various medication such as insulin or used in cosmetic surgery injections including lip filler or anti wrinkles. 

Hyaluron Pen 24 gold


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Beauty Monster Black Plasma Pen 

Beauty Monster Black Plasma Pen is an incredible derma pen device for non-surgical treatments using plasma cosmetology. It is proximately 20 times cheaper than surgery and 8 times more effective than laser treatments – without perforation of skin issues, hyperpigmentation or burns!


Beauty Monster Black Plasma Pen is ideal for: 


How does it work? 

The device works on principles of plasma cosmetology that are based on the use of the 4th state of the substance which is the plasma. The plasma arc is influenced by a contactless way of using the tip of the device on the skin. 


Beauty Monster is equipped with a 4-level system of plasma exposure and 3 functional tips all of which are chosen depending on the skin type of the client as well as the treatment. This allows the pen to be used for a variety of procedures and a wide range of clients. The tips are made from a specially developed medical steal. 


Plasma tip Fractional tip   Thermal tip 


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The Plasma tip is used for a non-surgical facelift, fibromas removal, to tackle acne, age spots, or improving skin flabbiness on the neck, abdomen. Mini Plasma tip is aimed at working in sensitive areas.  When applied on the skin it creates small plasma sparks on the cellular tissues which maximises the effect of the treatment and minimises possible side effects. 


The Fractional tip is ideal for a non-injection inserting of hyaluronic acid into the skin, to improve dry skin issues, removal of pigmentation, skin facial treatment, upper and lower eyelid surgery, or eyebrow lifting. When applied on the skin it stimulates the skin by causing an effect on its surface, however, without affecting the cellular tissue. 


The Thermal tip is perfect for working on a large surface of the skin including peeling, lifting or treating fine lines, or wrinkles. When applied on the skin it produces a deep painless heat inside the skin which accelerates skin regeneration by using micro-currents. 


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Beauty Monster Device includes all major features of previous devices of this brand for a brand-new multifunctional use. In comparison to previous devices, it has SF seal coating for a high-quality look, tips are made with harmless sus316 steel material and has a higher and stable power. 



Furthermore, it has 4 different levels of speed and 4 ranges of frequency exposure which comes to a total of 16 different modes that can be combined. This allows to select the most suitable setting for the treatment and the client’s skin. It can be used for both very powerful and very delicate procedures. 

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The needles are disposable which offers 100% safety and satisfaction for your clients. Furthermore, the pen is marked with a serial number is certified by CE and has 12 months warranty.


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